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About Me

My name is Matt Gregory and I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. On September 1st, 2006, a short 30 days after I got the idea, I did a 5,000-mile solo hike from Bellingham, WA to Key West, FL. I finished that hike on November 8th, 2007. The hike raised over $11,000 for cancer research. 



Several years later I made some friends in Alaska. In 2012, I did a 2,000-mile hike from Mesa, Arizona to Chicago in 95 days with 4 friends and a goat. We cracked the curse of the goat for the Cubs and raised over $ 30,000 for cancer research.


This site is mainly for pictures and videos about my hike from Bellingham to Key West.


The book about the hike will be out at the end of 2017.


Contact Me:

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